Day 5: Zebra Rock from Horombo

We have been eating a lot of Ibuprofen and little food. Sore muscles and headaches. We had a great day today as we climbed to Zebra Rock at 16,000 ft. and back. My back is getting better, and Luke and Gabe are feeling better with lots of rest. The clear day gives us a clear view of the summit covered in snow — looking like it’s just over the hill. We see the Zombies returning to camp that afternoon, speaking of the awful night they just had. We spend time in camp with people from all over the world, going in and out. The summit will start from here, and over the next 36 hours we will be on our feet for 24 of them, so we enjoy an easy day and one to recover.

Gabe made a fashion statement with all the climbing fashion snobs on the mountain breaking out the “jorts”, aka jean shorts he purchased at Goodwill. Everyone was impressed and this will probably start a trend.

Mr. Chow leaves us for Kibo and his summit attempt. We are awakened by his party this morning at the public sink, which is outside of our door. Vomiting and clearing of all mucus are an early morning ritual that we have been observing. They are always the first to leave camp and last to get back.

We don’t sleep tonight. It is cold. We drank our gallon of water each like every other day, but today because we only walked three hours. We are up all night going to the bathroom. When you get back in your sleeping bag, it takes an hour for you to get warm enough to sleep. We leave for Kibo at 7 a.m. for a five-hour walk again to 16,000 ft.


Feeling better. I am apologizing in advance for grammatical errors. I’m too tired to care, and Dad can’t write correctly in the first place. We went to Zebra Rock today. It was pretty cool to have a day to chill a little bit and not walk a thousand miles. Dad will not get off our backs about this dang blog. Every five seconds all I hear is blog, blog, blog. So I did it.

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