Days 8-10: From 19000 ft up to 19 meters under water

Got a little carried away so next 3 days will be short with pictures.

We landed in Zanzibar amongst the disorganized chaos that I have learned to love about Africa.   Zanzibar is an island located off of the east coast of Tanzania. It is 90 percent Muslim, 8 percent Christian, and 2 percent Hindu. It was first inhabited by fishermen from Africa, then Portuguese, then Iranians and British, all of which gives it a unique culture. It was part of the spice route and the slave-trading route. We tour stone town, old slave markets, mosques and churches built and destroyed by sultans and missionaries. We run across the home of Farrokh Bulsara, Phrad Musada also known as Freddie Mercury from the rock group, Queen. His father was Iranian and mother Indian, and he grew up in old town. The bungalows we are staying at are great, not crowded, with good food on the beach. So far a lot better than the mountain.

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