Time to Go



Time to go. Trained, packed, excited, feeling guilty, and nervous. Asking myself if I am in good enough shape, or did I miss something? I will have limited communications as I start my trip. My first post is from home just before I head out.

I will miss not having Luke and Gabe on this adventure, as we had so much fun on Kilimanjaro, but school and work get in the way, and I think it is on my list and not on theirs.

The most popular question I get from everyone, and the question I even ask myself is “Why?” I come up with a different answer each time. So after every post I will add more reasons why and why not and maybe in a few weeks I can answer the question.

Why? Why not?

Why:   Have time to think about what’s important in life

Have something to train for

Will never regret not trying

See something that I have never seen

Challenge myself physically & mentally


Learn Portuguese? Probably not

Why not:

I could die or get hurt

I may fail

It is cold

No beds. Have to sleep on the frozen ground

Weeks without bathing

No Oxygen

It is expensive

My family needs me

My work needs me

It’s selfish, and I could be doing something for someone good.

The plan for the last half of the mountain. Mules dropped, and from Plaza de Mulas we double carry loads to higher camps.

You can track dispatch from our guide on his satellite phone.

We’re now preparing the next trip to Aconcagua, which starts on Feb 3rd.

Thanks for following the news at SummitClimb:

Maximo Kausch – Brazil / Argentina

Lilian Meissner – Brazil

Ivy Miranda – Brazil

Francisco Loria (Chicão) – Brazil

Gary Ervin – United States

Gustavo Ziller – Brazil

Gabriel Tarso – Brazil


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  1. Prayers up from Tom and me Gary as you venture out on this marvelous journey. Forge forward with passion and faith! Godspeed!
    Marcia Malone Bell

  2. Best of everything. Be safe and enjoy!

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