“Feeling Alright” Joe Cocker

Day 7/8

“Feeling Alright” Joe Cocker

I think the next line is “not feeling too good myself.” I got up this morning and haven’t sat down yet. The doctor told me to stay down with my leg elevated, but I felt so good I couldn’t sit still. I was up early, cleaned the dome tent, set up my charger, and went to work packing for the summit. Even getting two posts, some texts, and email out.

Good news! This morning the swelling on my knee was down. I don’t know if it’s from the shots or just acclimatizing but I got seven hours of sleep. I had a little apnea around midnight, but much better. Managed to transfer two liters of water through my body to pee bottle without spilling in my sleeping bag. At the same time my electronics and clothes that are stuffed in my bag with me are keeping me warm.

More good news! We are hiring porters to finish carrying loads to Camp 3, which will help with my knee.

Today is rest day. Storms in and out, but periods of sun so I can get on Internet. We can see

Canada Camp 1 off and on but they are catching hell. We left a Polish team there yesterday and came down to base camp which worked out with injury. Although, if I had stayed up I may not have been injured, but better acclimatized and just cold and miserable. We haven’t been able to see Camp 2 Nido de Condores (Condors Nest), which is where we will spend three nights barring bad weather. We may have an extended stay, but right now the forecast looks okay. It is at 18,500 ft. We will be eating only dehydrated food with boiled water until we return to base camp in 6 days. I will not be able to post anything until then. I have access to a satellite phone and will update Lisa if possible. Summit Climb has a post with daily updates and photos. My ink has frozen in my pens, so I have my pencil and paper for high camps.

Sorry for the gloomy post yesterday. I was very down. No pain, but as the swelling increases, my range of motion in my knee decreases. I was afraid my climb was over. Doctor came by on a tent call and I was out. We have our next group physical tonight before dinner. Unless something is wacky with my blood oxygen, I will be cleared for summit. Another storm, I better send this now.

In tent with window open, but as soon as the sun dips you better get your cold gear on. That’s the mistake that cost me a night of sleep two nights ago.

Why:   Overcoming days like yesterday

Why not: Next six days no real food, no bath, clean clothes.

Missing my family and friends.

Sorry for the days being off, I have lost track of time.

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