” I don’t wanna to miss a thing” Aerosmith

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“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” Aerosmith

I don’t know what this has to do with the post, other than I like the song. Like the movie, I miss my family, and I feel like I have been dropped off on an asteroid.

I could have gone on with bad news. Sorry, lost track of time. From now on I will post by song and post number and where I am.

Feel great coming into Camp 1 Canada for the last time until I descend in days from now. I thought the injury to my knee might have ended my climb. I was sad. I was third to camp today behind Roi and Cedric. Now we know the way and we are acclimatized. We run up the mountain 5050 meters. I feel good, but I notice my right leg getting tired by end of day. It is from compensating for left knee, which will be wrapped until I come down. I was happy to go higher, but sad for all the deaths. Still snowing here. Thunder snow has everyone excited. I stay in tent not feeling good. This is where we left the Polish team a few days ago setting up camp.

We were shown how to use rock paper sanitizer, unfortunately I became the expert. By the end of the night I am sick to my stomach. The only warm place is in your bag. I crawled in and out all night to poop tent, freezing and not sleeping, dehydrating all night. I found out many other teams came down with the same problem, and all food service was stopped. I felt sorry for Roi getting woken every hour by me, but he was also worried.

The ascents to higher camps start quickly. From here up, we move up again to “Nido de Condores”, or the Nest of the Condor. Nido is over 18000 ft. We will have a rest day here and I need it. Roi ran ahead of the group, got here one hour before anyone else, and helped set up tents. He was carrying 50 pounds. I crawl into our tent and crash, very tired. Jan makes a tent call. She brings me electrolytes, probiotics, and encouragement that I will get better soon. Each change in altitude makes a big temperature change. We left our vent closed, and at 6 a.m., a rescue helicopter flew over dislodging ice frozen to roof of the tent, onto us. We have two days here, then two nights at Camp 3 Colera at 20,000 ft. The summit gets closer by the day.

Roi comes to the tent. The sun has warmed above freezing inside, but outside is a different story. He went for a walk and told me about the sunset where you can see the top of the Andes and he found a rock throne to sit on above the glacier. I finally got some sleep – no apnea and I felt good. I ventured out with a Thermos of lemon tea and camera to find Roi’s throne. I find it about 1/4 mile from camp. He was right. I sit on the throne and thank God I am here. It has been a good day.

Why:   Learning Hebrew

Sunset above the Andes from Roi’s Throne

Living my life wish

Why not: Out of bags to go to the bathroom, nothing left on the mountain

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  1. More why's than why nots ! That's a good sign. Good luck !

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