Post 7 High Camp 3 Colorea 20,300 ft

Post 7 High Camp 3 Colorea 20,300 ft

I am not sure where the name came from, as I have a hard time believing any disease could live in this cold dry place. It has been four days since I have seen a plant or animal. There are no birds singing in the morning, no bugs crawling. Just rocks, snow, and ice and people struggling with the altitude, weather, and their own body.

I had a great day was able to eat four hundred calories of macaroni and cheese and two fat breads with jelly. I was overdressed and had to unzip my suit and boots to keep from sweating. We leave around 3 a.m. for the summit. Guides will not tell us when they will wake us, and we need to sleep until then. I cook spaghetti with meat sauce and eat a few bites. It doesn’t set well and I don’t push it. My prep will be quick. I have two pieces; one, a one piece, two hundred weight Merino wool undershirt and then my heavy down summit suit. Along with my wool socks and triple plastic Everest Summit Series boots and Arctic mitts. I will only carry a small daypack that will have food and my Thermos with hot water. The rest of my water is on the inside of my suit to keep from freezing, it makes me look like I weigh four hundred pounds but I am warm and comfortable.

A lot different that last year where this camp had me injured, dehydrated, and beaten down. Tonight I dream about the top what it will look like. How I will feel? What will I be thinking about? I have the summit push memorized. Every segment has been hanging above my computer screen, and the cause of hours of lost productivity, daydreaming about the day I get another chance. That day is just a few hours away.

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