Post 3: Namche to Kumjung

Short day today as we arrive early on the same path we took from Namche the day before, and head to Khunde to visit the hospital that Hillary helped start and the Hillary foundation still supports.  One of our team members Lynette Trott decides to stay at the tea house and get caught up with her communications.  When we return we find her on the couch at tea house with Rob and Sophie team leader and doctor. She had a bad accident when she came in to the dining area where a door was left open in the floor and and she fell 8ft into a dark potato cellar, damaging her knee and arm. This ended up putting a hard stop to her 3rd attempt and 8 years of training and saving.  Rob the team leader and Sophie team doctor order a heli to fly her to Kathmandu for further test that will confirm her injury’s will end her climb.  She was climbing to raise awareness of “Because I’m a Girl” campaign and carried a stuffed koala bear named Ember (to start a fire).  We have agreed to take Ember with us and carry on the climb alternating her in our pack and then return her to Trotty and the end.

Lesson to grandchild: Beware of potato cellars! We lost one of the members of our climbing team due to a freak accident.  A door in the floor of the tea house was left open and she fell 8 feet into the potato cellar. So my lesson is, your life will not not be judged by how many potato cellars you fall into but how you dust yourself off, get out and keep moving.

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  1. touch the top of the rock and bring me my hats please.


  2. Your already typing! I knew you were going to be smart. Only 3 more weeks hope that Mellon didn’t outgrow the hat.

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