Post 5: Finally a Baby

Day 11 Lobeche to Everest basecamp

I have stayed at the eco lodge in Lobeche for a week in 2016 and was introduced to the hat lady that manages Above the Clouds Lodge. During the day she makes custom knit yak hair hats for people. I had to return to see if she can make a unisex infant hat for my grandchild she was excited and agreed to make 2 hats for 1500 rupees 15 us.  It would take her a week to finish I will be in high camps but AC arranged to get them picked up can’t wait to see them.  

We walk into Base camp that afternoon. The trekkers spent the night there and were getting ready to head back to Kathmandu and home. Us 6 climbers settle into the tents that will be home for the next 5 weeks. I am a little sad they get to go home and I am here for another 5 week but that’s my choice. This is where it turns into a climb and the pain and the suffering grow but also the beauty and the majesty start.  This is the beginning of the path less traveled.

Day 12 Rest Day Unpacking; Goodbye Trekkers

An Australian guy named Brad joins team and we meet another climber from Singapore Cashing that will be attempting the Triple Crown Nuptse, Lhotse, and Everest back to back. Guy Coter and a hand picked team will be leading Cashing on an unbelievable physical challenge few have done.

Brad that owns a high end adventure travel company had clients until today and joined our team.  Cashing has been on a more accelerated acclimatization schedule.  He blends in instantly and both he and Brad bring a lot of experience to the group.

Day 13 Puja Ceremony 

This is another blessing asking the mountain to let us stand on the top. They spread yak butter on our axes and crampons and at the end throw flour all over us, rubbing it on or face to symbolize a grey beard and long life I shaved my grey beard for this ceremony.

3AM that night

ITS A BOY!!!! Finally 

I had good internet coverage knew exactly what time the delivery would be and was getting pictures of family waiting. 30 minutes into surgery all connections are lost and I try everything. Three hours pass and I get out at 3 AM while it’s snowing and walk to the leaders tent to wake him and borrow his satellite phone. Lisa gives me the news of a healthy boy with mother doing fine.  Relief!

Lesson to grandSON:

Finally a baby!   Advice to the first: You are the first born grandchild. Being the first comes with great responsibility, as was with your mom being first of 23 grandkids and first of 4 siblings. Your role is to set a good example to siblings, cousins and family that will come after you. It’s not something you have chosen, and you should look at it as a blessing, not a burden. My greatest fear above all is letting my family down.  Making good decisions and placing their needs above your own are the two biggest pieces of advice I can offer. If you do this you will earn the love and respect from all. Glad you’re finally here and you and your mom are happy and healthy.

Grandpa ??? Still thinking about what I want to be called but will not take as long as your parents are taking to give you a name.

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  1. Great article on Lessons to grandson. I wholeheartedly agree with you and hopefully with the full support of both families this little guy will do well.

  2. Gary I find it is not what you want to be called it is what they end up calling you that happens. I am “Papa” but I did not choose it. Whatever they call you I know you will be a good one. Your lessons are good ones and I have endeavored to do the same with my children and grandchildren. Part of our job as you well know is to teach them. Godspeed Gary and stay safe my friend!

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