Vinson Massif: Post 2

Ok the kindergarten class at St Anns was right and I was wrong. They asked me if I saw any animals while climbing Everest. I told them no it was too cold. They asked what about penguins, I had to think how hard would it be to convince a kindergartner. My answer: it was too far from the ocean nothing to eat. Thinking I convinced them I was right another student ask about polar bears they eat people. They were right then and I was wrong. I was also wrong about wildlife on Antarctica. There aren’t any in the mountains, but seals and penguins are plentiful around the coast. I just hope I don’t run into a polar bear climbing the mountain.
I also bought Ford a penguin hat so I can teach him about penguins as the kindergarten class did me.
Last night in Punta Arenas feasting on lamb for the last good meal for two weeks.
5am depart for 2200 mile flight on Russian jet that looks like a space ship.
Then we board a twin otter that flies us to Ellsworth Mountains to start our climb. From this point no machines and will be up to me and the weather.
I have been with my team now for 3 days and have good feel about the group lot of experience that also means old. My tent mate C Michael Fairman and I climbed Everest in 2016 and will have a lot of fun along the way. He started a non profit organization to raise awareness of our veterans high suicide rate and PTSD. He carries a flag of the people he knew that have taken their life.
Ac Vinson Team 5 with penguin scarfs
The city is rich with history we have walked everywhere and now excited to get going
A statue of the original natives to this area that are now extinct. Padagon translates to big foot superstition to rub the toe before the start of the journey.
Not sure when I will get next post but AC will send out dispatches. Visit Adventure Consultants and look for Vinson trip 5 dispatches.
Lessons to Grandkids:
There is something to learn from everyone, even a Kindergartner. Always be open to someone else’s point of view. A closed mind will never create, discover, see beauty or understand.

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  1. No need to worry about bears on this climb Gary. There are no polar bears in Antarctica they are on the north end of the globe. Look for bears on Denali.

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