Final Post: Home

Final post Home
He that fights and runs away, may turn and fight another day; but he that in battle slain, will never rise to fight again.  Tacitus
I am half way home, layover in Qatar, still weak after 8 days without solid food and low energy. I will attack the next 30 hours of travel like a climb, move slow, breath, take in whats around me, take one step at a time and eventually I will arrive.  Full disclosure, I am on my back in the business class lounge surrounded by all the comforts of home showers and wifi. I have just finished the longest hot shower I have ever taken. Lounging in my patched up ghost whisperer jacket, patched up belly, and crocs, a fashion trendsetter. Catching up on my journal that I hope to post on  I am always overwhelmed to see the volume of Prayers, post and Email of safe returns.  They were probably needed more on this trip than any of the others.
This morning started with much confusion my Hemoglobin 7.3 still to low to fly.  Have been chasing false hopes of rescue with AIG insurance to try to get evacuation home, they are no help lead us along wasting our time and energy.  My blood count has been at the same lever for 3 days and was told it could take weeks to increase to fit to fly standards. Miraculously just before I depart for the airport the last blood test 8.5 the minimum legal level to fly. One day out of ICU I pack and say goodbye to the nurses and doctors that put me back together, and scream through the crowded streets of Kathmandu in the back of a ambulance. Thankful for the Grande International Hospital staff, Laura Ervin, Cat, Dil and Puja assisting getting me on my way home.
Everest has 4,000 humans have summited, 268 died doing it a 6.5% fatality rate. I have watched people perish on the mountain.  Most of the fatalities are the unprepared, untrained, improperly equipped, poorly lead and poorly supported, others are just unlucky. I am aware of the danger and plan on dying of old age. I was scared, this was a close call, but I don’t blame the mountains. 
I will not make Denali this year I was suppose to leave in 3 weeks and will not be recovered.  Yes, I will fight another day.  Your too old, you need to find another hobby, people depend on you, your family needs you, think about your grandkids, and my favorite you almost died, should this one event define how I live out the rest of my life? That’s not going to happen it only makes me want to live a better fuller life. These are all true statements and I know people care about me that make these comments, but I see this as a opportunity to learn and improve and return next season stronger. I hope to live out my life as a example to my grandkids and for us to be together for a long long time.
This is Easter weekend I land on Good Friday.  This Sundays mass and message of resurrection will have a new meaning. Can’t wait to be home. 
Lessons to Grand Kid:
Never be afraid to turn and run and live to fight another day. Think about consequences, make your decision accordingly, and you will always have another day. 

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  1. Glad you are safe and getting better

  2. Hadn’t looked at your site for a while. So sorry that your climb did not go as planned. Hope you are feeling much better by now. I talked with you at Fairfield at the FCCLA Reg. Meeting. Kathy Seely

  3. I love the litany of comments you heard “you’re too old…my favorite you almost died”. Sounds like your sense of humor is intact. You are so determined and any of your kids and grandkids are so lucky to have such lessons from you. Too often, we have no clue the difference between words in a sentence and a powerful message and yours are documented here as each one is a powerful message…. any of your grandkids are so lucky to have this written tangible list of reasons the Ervin’s are genetically strong from the core character outward to what other see. I’m so lucky to work with Jade and to get to call her my friend! I was praying my head off for you and am so glad you made it to mass safely. What a powerful Easter message! God bless!

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