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I just left Nashville and on my first leg of a 24 hour flight to Nepal. Last June after a successful summit on Everest I got emotional flying out. Unsure if I will ever return to a place that has taught me so many things about myself, the world, mountaineering and people. I have left blood, sweat, tears on these peaks. I have seen indescribable beauty, pushed myself beyond what I thought were my limits, and I have seen people die here. It inspired me to write lessons to my grandkids. I have forged friendships and memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I will land Kathmandu Saturday and meet friends Cat Isfan, Dil, and the HAU gear team. We will start up the valley hopefully reaching the top of Island Peak and back before April 18. I also have the same guilty feelings about leaving, and I am grateful to my wife, family and friends for understanding (or acting like they understand) why I do this.

This is a training climb for my trip to Denali in May. I am nursing a few injuries and as always I feel underprepared. I will try to keep updates on social media and Maybe even more lessons to grandkids.

Lesson to grand daughter

I now have second grandchild on the way and I hope many more to come. So I will pretend I will have girls grandkids, although my past lessons were for my grand daughters also since half were written before Ford and the sex was known. 

I want my grand daughters to be better and stronger than any man. Independent not labeled or held back due to her sex. I want them to define what is beautiful and be as comfortable in boots and tee shirt as they are in a dress and heals. I want them to choose their mountain and who they decide to climb it with.

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