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Post 4 the valley

Monday we chartered a helicopter to get to Lukla wake up early arrive at the airport to catch the first flight out arriving at 530am.  Flying to Lukla or from KTM is alway a thrill you get there early have a handler and you wait maybe for a hour or could be days.  To get cranked up and push like you see in other big city’s will get you nowhere.  We ask and are given the hand shortly we eventually get boarding passes which mean it will be hours not days. Our bags are already gone which may be good or bad depending on if we find them in Lukla.  We get grouped on a heli with two friends from Australia, New Zealand me, Cat and a ass from India, that will not move from the end of the truck an when we arrive at the heli he jumps out and runs to the front seat without asking the others.  I have been in the front seat many times as has cat but it was the two friends first time and should have been agreed upon we have them the two side seats and conflict resolved. So much for my day of enlightenment and forgiveness but I don’t like rude people. 

We have a porter to carry split bag Pourna mostly our technical gear, harnesses, heavy boots crampons helmets and axes for the higher altitudes. I was hopping to carry 35lbs which is what the expected loads for Alaska. I am probably the weak link it this group and start light plus hip issues have been plaguing me and don’t want to start a two week limp up the valley. This is the mecca of trekking the Khumbu valley, EBC, 3 passes, Ana Purna, a mosaic of 6,7 and 8 thousand meter peaks. This will be my 4th trip Cats 9th and there is always something different about the trip. Dil leaves at 1am by bus then walk for hours to meet us in Lukla then our plans are to make to MonJu which we do in 6 hours.

Lessons to Grandkids 

The world if full of mean,rude, people sometime you have to stand up for what is right and say something and not let bad behavior go unchecked. If you do it for the good of others, not yourself, it is best and people will follow.  Forgiveness and not letting them rile you is the best solution, turn the other cheek.  I want my grand daughters to be able to both charm if needed, forgive and not get bothered but also dont be afraid to punch someone in the nose if they have it coming. So much for my grace, calm and karma I will have to go to every church again when we get back.

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