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One year ago I reached the summit of Everest a achievement I am very proud of. Today, what started as a 3 week training climb on Island Peak in Nepal has turned into the biggest mountain I ever climbed.

I wake this morning in Kathmandu my 8th day in Icu, day 8 no water or food, 4th surgery that I hope  stoped the internal  hemorrhaging, 8 transfusions to keep up with the blood loss, down to 5 hemoglobin and the 1st morning I am looking at next steps to recovery and eventually home. 

I have heard of a summit air crash from lukla with multiple fatalities.  This was the same morning we were to fly from lukla to Kathmandu had the climb gone well we may have been on the flight. 

Thanks to Cat Isfan #haugear that stopped his expedition to help me off the mountain and has been here in kathmandu helping navigate through this rough time. I hope one day to repay his frindship. Dil Gurung #alpineramble that also has been here helping with support and logistics. All the prayers and well wishes from home. To the climbing community that I have forged lifelong friendships with from around the world. 

I was told once when you express gratitude start with your wife and end with God, because God will forgive your wife won’t. so Lisa and family sorry for the stress I have put you through. I would say it will never happen again, but there will always be a mountain to climb.  I tell everyone if you don’t believe in God climb a mountain this has been a real test hope to finish post while recovering

Lessons to Grand Kid:

Gratitude is a gift one person gives to another that should be given freely and often without strings attached. It is a gift that will always make you and the person you give it to feel better about themselves. 

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